In this feature, I will highlight different Guying Around Profiles. That means I will write about different people whom I have met through my travels that are unique and worth sharing about. Some of these different people might sound unbelievable, but trust me they are 100 percent real.

Delaware County Pennsylvania is quite a special place to travel too. Most of you reading this have probably never heard of “Delco” and rightfully so. It’s a county adjacent to the city of Philadelphia that was actually founded in the late 1700s. There is a lot of American history in and around the county, you wouldn’t really know that after visiting. It is made up of dozens of Municipalities, too many to list.


In today’s Guying Around Profile, I will focus on writing about the average Delco guy. The average Delco guy is a species that needs to be written about because frankly, they are pretty unbelievable. I have spent a lot of time in my life in Delco and when I tell friends about the average Delco guy they are often in disbelief. I will focus on a few areas which describe and highlight the true spirit of who a Delco guy really is. Enjoy.


If you are ever lucky enough to visit Delco, the first thing you would probably notice are the thick accents people have. You hear phrases like “Yo Dood” and “Go Birds”. Writing about the Delco guy accent is pretty tough to describe. Check out this video here to give you more of an idea on the Delco accent.


When you go to Delco and see that sweat pants are considered dressing up in certain Burroughs, you question if it’s a reality. I can assure you that it is, go back to 1974 and that’s how some people still dress and live. Most Delco guys though enjoy wearing Timberland work boots (see below) year round or Air Force One’s, the all white ones. Be careful to never scuff up a Delco guys clean Air Force Ones or he will probably challenge you to a fight in the parking lot.

Delco guys are also notorious for wearing “wife beater” undershirts in the spring and summer months (see below). They also can be found sporting Flyers gear, Eagles gear or Phillies gear. In the summer months they will wear Sixers jerseys that are 4 sizes too big.

Delco guys still think it’s cool to wear jeans, pants and shorts that are several sizes too big. There is a good chunk of the Delco guy population that believes they are “hood” and “ghetto”. Delco is a very blue collar place, but the fake tough guy act needs to go away in Delco.



The average reader that is reading this post who is not from the northeast part of the states or visited the northeast before is probably confused as to what “Wawa” is and what is it doing in this post. To the Delco guy Wawa isn’t just some 24/7 convenience store where you can use the atm, order a hoagie, get some tea cooler, see someone you grew up with and grab a pack of smokes. Wawa is a way of life. Wawa means everything to the Delco guy. Without Wawa, there is no Delco guy.





The average Delco guy eats, breaths and sleeps Philadelphia sports. From the Birds to the Phillies to the Sixers and especially the Orange and Black, the Flyers. Philadelphia sports are universally known to let their fans down year after year (except 2008 and 2018). The average Delco guy blends right into that Philadelphia crumb bum sore loser fan. They know nothing about the sport really but will argue with you about why the Eagles should bring back Buddy Ryan to coach. They live by the old Philadelphia saying “we might lose the game but we’ll fight you in the parking lot afterward.”


Que the Bruce Springsteen song, Glory Days. The average Delco guy is extremely proud of where he went to grade school and high school. They live in the past most of the time, basking in their athletic peak when they were 12 years old playing CYO football. They dominated back then because they were through puberty first, but then everyone caught up and they found alcohol. Delco guys love to talk about grade school, if you know where someone went to grade school, you’ll know if they were a good dood or not. “Yeah dood Jimmy went to St. Charles, he’s a good guy.”


If you ever find yourself in this magical place called Delco, you will most certainly run into several of these guys. Go Birds!

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