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Thanksgiving is a famous American holiday that takes place on the last Thursday of November. I don’t want to debate the history of the holiday, but to me it means gathering with friends and family over the course of a long weekend. There are reunions, celebrations and lots of amazing food and drinks. Fall is in full swing so it’s also football season which is an added bonus. Schools are closed, most people have Thanksgiving Thursday and Black Friday off from work as well.

Most people who live in America or traveled to America know that it’s also one of the busiest travel times of the year. People move all over the states to see friends and family by planes, trains, and automobiles.

Most American families have similar celebrations on Thanksgiving, with similar foods. My family always has a good breakfast, usually hungover from the night before. The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is also known as the biggest party night of the year. On Thanksgiving day there are local high school football rivalry games in the late morning with two NFL games starting in the afternoon. Those usually provide some good entertainment as dinner is being prepared. My family usually starts dinner around 4-5 which is my favorite meal of the entire year.

In today’s Guyde to Thanksgiving Dinner, I want to rank the top 5 Thanksgiving food and drinks. This is for all readers, both American and foreign. Writing this list is making me very hungry.

5.) Fall Guy Sodas

Thanksgiving is a marathon, not a sprint so you need to be hydrated. Coming in at number 5 is an assortment of fall Guy Sodas. Some of my favorites are Shiner Bock Pumpkin Beer and Mad Elf. Mad Elf is a beer brewed and sold once a year, so be aware that it’s tough to get. It’s also very high in alcohol, but so delicious. It tastes like Thanksgiving and fall to me.


4.) Green Bean Casserole

I needed to include something remotely healthy on this list for all of my health food readers out there. Green beans are good vegetables but become infinitely better when you put them in a casserole with cream of mushroom soup and french onion straws. I would assume most families have an Aunt Karen that could whip this up.


3.) Pumpkin Pie

An oldie but a goodie, a classic homemade pumpkin pie comes in at number 3. Homemade is obviously the best choice, but the frozen ones will also do. Mrs. Smiths pumpkin pies are the best frozen ones in my opinion. What’s more American than pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving?


2.) Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet potatoes, marshmallow topping, and pecans create the second best Thanksgiving food. What a deadly combination. I would assume most American families have an Aunt Donna that can whip this up.


1.) Gravy

The ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner food, homemade gravy goes with everything. I literally dump gravy on my entire plate once it’s made. Gravy is also an excellent way to boost a leftover Thanksgiving meal. My Grandmom makes the absolute best gravy, I can never have can gravy again in my life. Personally, I don’t think Americans eat much gravy anymore. Back when the US was winning world wars, people were putting gravy on everything.


You may have noticed I left off Turkey and Mac and Cheese. Turkey is too dry for me as a slice of meat, there are many other types of meat that are better out there. I do not dislike Turkey, just doesn’t crack my top 5. I also never grew up with Mac and Cheese with my Thanksgiving meal. Even if I did, it wouldn’t make my top 5.

I was also debating putting in Thanksgiving leftovers in my top 5 because everyone knows how good leftovers are. You can never have just one Thanksgiving meal.

If you don’t agree, comment below and let me know your top 5. How does your list compare? Happy Thanksgiving and celebrate responsibly.

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