Ski trips and ski weekends are excellent times to Guy Around, relax, and get some fresh air on the mountains.  There are plenty of places to ski out in the world.  You have several famous places in the US like Colorado, Utah, and Vermont.  In Asia I would say that Japan is one of the most famous places to ski.  When you’re in Europe, most people would say the best place to ski is in the Alps.  I would agree, I am going to write about my personal suggestion on where to ski in the Alps.

The Alps are a long mountain range that lies entirely in Europe, probably the most famous mountain range there.  You have the French Alps in France, the German Alps in Germany, the Austrian Alps in Austria, and the famous Swiss Alps in Switzerland.  I know that I am leaving a few other countries out, but this isn’t a history lesson, this is Guying Around.


I had the opportunity to go on a ski week to the Swiss Alps to a place called Verbier, Switzerland.  If you think it sounds fancy, that’s because it is.  When I went to Verbier it was the first time I had skied in about 15 years so I needed to relearn before I got back out there.  Just like any other ski town, there are tons of ski schools and instructors you can use.  Honestly, I just needed some fine-tuning up for a day or so before I got back out there.  You can’t beat re-learning how to ski in the Swiss Alps, especially with views like the picture above.  It does not get old.  I would suggest not going over a school break, like the Christmas holiday or midterm break in February.  It’s never pleasant when the slopes are crowded no matter where you ski.

The Swiss are very nice people, so make sure you try to meet some while you visit.  Ski towns are filled with ski instructors who come from out of town and work seasonally in their 20’s.  I would suggest searching for a local bar or restaurant to mingle with the locals.  One of my favorite spots for this was Le Rouge in Verbier, open all day and night, a great place to enjoy a Guy Soda.

When visiting anywhere in Switzerland, especially when skiing you need to have a night out enjoying some fondue.  The bread, potatoes, and meats you can dip in the fondue might not be all that healthy for you, but it is so tasty.  After a long day on the slopes, its a good way to restore that energy for the next day.  I would also suggest getting your hands on some raclette cheese while you are there as well.  There’s something about delicious cheese and carbs after a day of skiing that doesn’t make you feel that bad eating it.  You also have to have some Swiss chocolate for dessert, a Switzerland staple.  Eating is a Guying Around must wherever you travel too and Switzerland does it right!

Another Guying Around hot tip when visiting Verbier is if you go during Mardi Gras, usually in late January or sometime in February, bring a costume change.  Verbier celebrates Mardi Gras like its Halloween in the US or known as “fancy dress” (Halloween).  I was not prepared for that when I went, but its a fun time to go.  A lot of the ski instructors go all out for that time of the year.

Great place to learn or continue skiing.  CHECK.

Aweomse food, drink, and the environment.  CHECK.

Relax mode or party mode, choices.  CHECK.

The prime place to Guy Around in the Alps.  CHECK.

Waking up to views like the one below.  CHECK.


If you’re looking for a place to ski, Guy Around, and enjoy yourself in the Alps, then look no further than Verbier, Switzerland.



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