A lot of people are scared to travel alone in today’s world for a number of reasons. People believe everything they hear on the news, watch in the movies and see on the internet, except for this website. You should believe everything that you see from this website. Guying Around is never wrong.

In today’s post I want to offer some insight into the pros and cons of traveling with a group, specifically with a company. You often travel with a group of 8-20 people depending on what company you use. In future posts I can write reviews for the different group travel companies. Today I want to focus on the top 3 overall pros and cons of group travel, regardless of the company.

When you do a search of the top group travel companies you might find Contiki, G Adventures and Intrepid Travel. You can click on these links to take you to their home pages.



As soon as people formulate an idea about a new place, mostly from information on the internet these days, it can change the way that they travel. The moment someone does not think that a place they want to visit is safe, they might look to travel in a group. Group travel will almost guarantee that your travel experience will be safe. I think that is what people look for first, safety.

Booking group travel is also very easy. All you need is an internet connection, free time and know where you want to go. Companies all have trip itineraries posted everywhere online, it is extremely easy to book a trip now and not worry about anything on the trip. You will have a guide that is with you 24/7 to answer questions and help you with anything that you need. I think this is a good way to travel if you are older, less experienced and genuinely think a place is not safe to visit on your own.


All types of travel give you the opportunity to make new friends from other places in the world that you probably wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for booking that same trip. You are meeting like minded people that share the same interest, otherwise you wouldn’t have booked the same trip. On that trip you would share some pretty awesome experiences with these new friends, experiences that will link you forever.


There is no doubt that with group travel, you pay a little extra. With that being said, you pay for what you get most times. During a tour you show up to a place with a long line? You usually skip that line and go right to the front. The tour shows up to a crowded restaurant where other peasants might have to wait? You already have a table ready for you to go.



When you travel with a group through any company, they will take you to all of the touristy spots. You will usually stay in the big touristy area, eat in that area and visit all of the touristy spots where they try to suck more money out of you. Some people enjoy this, it gives them that safe Disney world feeling. Others do not, so just like anything else, you know what you like and can make that decision. I think some places go way overboard with how touristy they make it seem.


So you landed and met up with your tour group on the first day, everyone looking excited and ready to experience a new adventure. Just like any other first day, you tend to gauge the other people and see which ones you could envision hanging out with. Things go really well those first few days, but then these people just get on your nerves. You have some complainers in the group, some people that are not fun and some that just make you mad. This is all part of the experience but you can only ditch them so much. You paid for this tour and want the experience, but you can easily get fed up with the people surrounding you.


Since there is an itinerary for the trip, the company and guide really stick to it. You may arrive to a place where you want to stay longer and do your own exploring, but the bus might be leaving soon. I always find this to be a big problem when traveling in groups. If you are traveling solo, you can come and go as you please. I do not like the feeling of “oh I will come back here someday”. In reality, that does not happen.

Just like anything else in life, people travel differently. From where they stay, how long they stay and how they explore a new place. It all depends on what you want and what you can do. I have experience traveling in groups and wanted to share my thoughts for you in case you are thinking about participating in group travel. If you want to know more or want to know about a specific company, do not hesitate to contact me.

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