What is your biggest fear?

If you answer with height, you are not alone. Heights are a big phobia with people from all walks of life. How do you overcome your fear? What can you do? Do you never try to overcome that fear the rest of your life? Do you stay defeated?

Heights were never a big fear of mine, but they were something that I was not really comfortable with. I know, I am almost two meters tall so I should be used to being very high off the ground. Last year I had the opportunity to travel around New Zealand for a few weeks. I started in the thrill seeking capital of the world, Queenstown. This is where I first had the opportunity to bungy jump. I have completed two different bungy jumps to date, the Nevis in Queenstown and the AJ Hackett jump in Cairns, Australia.

Today I am going to give you three tips on how to muster up enough confidence to complete your first bungy jump. I was lucky enough to do the Nevis which was 134 meters (440 feet) first. After completing one bungy, the second one I did was a piece of cake. You always want to jump with a reputable company, AJ Hackett is pretty popular all over the world.


Chances are you will not be the first person to complete this jump right? If you are the first person doing a brand new jump for the first time, I would leave it up to a professional for that. Otherwise, you will be super safe. Bungy jump companies know about all the potential risks so you are in good hands. Like anything else you do there could be an accident, but the chances of that are not very high. Most of the famous bungy jumps in the world have been completed thousands of times by people before you. I know that this might be the biggest mental block for people, but take deep breaths and know that after the jump you will have quite the story to share with friends.

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Overcoming any type of fear whether its big or small is no easy feat. The amount of mental strength and discipline it takes is incredible. Heights scare some people to the point of where they would not be able to move being so high up. It literally freezes them. I think bungy jumping is such a great test of your will power. I understand that it really is not for everyone, but if you like a good challenge I would suggest you try.

When I did the Nevis jump in Queenstown it was my first jump. Not only was it extremely high, but you also needed to take a cable car in the middle of a canyon to the jump platform. That made it much tougher mentally because under the jump platform were a ton of rocks 440 feet down. Some people start their bungy careers off on a bridge over a river, but not I. I had to really look deep down and trust myself. It was a great test of character and overcoming a fear of mine.



The rush and thrill of a jump are unparalleled to anything else I have ever done. My heart didn’t stop racing for hours after my jump. I had a smile on my face all day long, feeling really good about myself. The thought of a near death experience messes with your mind a little bit, but in reality, the jump is only a few seconds long. The adrenaline did not stop pumping throughout my body, I felt like I was on top of the world.

I will say that coming up from the Nevis, you get pulled back up to the platform. There is no boat to pick you up at the bottom. On the third bounce after your initial jump there is a lever you must pull on the side of the harness to bring you right side up as they pull you up. I accidentally missed mine and was pulled back up 440 feet looking straight down into that canyon. I think that was the scariest part of my Nevis jump.

I said before, once you complete one bungy jump the rest is easy. I did not feel scared or uneasy the next time I jumped which was a year later. I highly suggest you try a bungy jump if you have the opportunity. It is worth every penny spent, a great test and even bigger rush. Testing yourself and overcoming fears is what Guying Around is all about.

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