Top Things to do in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, very nice! This list of things to do in Kazakhstan was sent in from my good friend Anthony, who lived and worked in Kazakhstan for four years. You may remember him from my Guying Around Podcast episode with him. If you have any questions or comments about Kazakhstan, let me know and I can put you in touch with Anthony.


The best time to go to Kazakhstan is in late January or early February. It’s extremely cold but by then the mountains are really full of snow and the skiing is absolutely amazing (Oskeman).  You can also go ice fishing which is an experience if you have never had the opportunity to go.  If you go to Kazakhstan during this time of year, take the best winter clothes money can buy because you are going to need them.

Turgen Gorge

If you go to Kazakhstan in the summer, visit Turgen Gorge which is south of Almaty. This is an excellent day trip.

Horse Milk

The food is not great but you need to tell someone you tried it. Try some horse meat and some horse milk.  You will never forget the horse milk!  It’s not for everyone.  If you fall in with the right people you probably will “luck” up on a home cooked meal of beshbamak.  It’s basically boiled meat with onions and noodles with a little bit of broth.

Kazakhstan Nightlife

Go to a Russian night club. The clubs in Kazakhstan are nicer than some of restaurants.  I never went to a club and didn’t have a place to sit and people watch if I wanted to.  Ethnically Russian Kazakh girls are not shy.  Be ready to dance if you go to the club.  Eat a high protein meal before you go if you plan on drinking because they drink vodka straight!!


Take a train ride. You can travel across the country on a train. It’s a slow ride but you can see how vast and desolate the country is.  The population is less than 20 million people and you can tell because you can ride the train for a couple of hours and see one house.

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