Guying Around’s 6 Essential Travel Apps

The way people travel in today’s world is completely different than how older generations traveled. From booking flights to navigating a new city to translating a new language, everything is basically done with a smartphone. I’m a millennial and I own a smartphone which is one of my best tools when going to a new place. I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t use my smartphone for different things to make my experience better.

Today I want to tell you my 6 essential travel apps that I use when Guying Around to a new place. Each app has its major benefits and I am here to tell you why I use them. I would suggest downloading them before your next trip to try them out. I would never steer you wrong. They are not in any specific order but are all essential.

1 – Maps.Me

This offline map app is one that I use anywhere I go. Usually when I travel to a new country I am offline except when I am on WiFi. This app is great to pinpoint where you plan to stay and places of interest so you do not get lost. I would suggest downloading the maps of where you are going before you go. You do need to frequently update the app’s maps, so keep up with those updates. This app has saved me and helped me on numerous occasions. This even works in China! I will highlight those in a future post.


2 – CalConvert

So you go to a new place with a different currency. You get off the plane, bus or train, look for an ATM or money exchange place. The new currency has way too many zeros, do I have monopoly money? Did I just take out all of the money in my bank account?

I love CalConvert because you can download different countries currency so you know how much you are spending in another currency. There is no need to do all of that unnecessary basic math in your head anymore. This app is a must download and really helps all travelers.


3 – Hopper

If you Guy Around you are most likely looking for the best deals out there right? Sometimes the most expensive thing on your trip will be your flights depending on where you are going. Hopper is a free app that tracks flights all around the world. If you know your dates and locations that helps too. Just enter them in the app and they will alert you when there is a flight deal. This app has saved me hundreds of dollars on flights because I am organized.


4 – Air BNB, Hostelworld, Couchsurfing

Knowing where you want to stay is extremely important and these are my top 3 apps to locate where to stay. It depends on how you want to stay and who you are traveling with. If I am traveling solo I either use Couchsurfing or Hostelworld. If I am traveling with other people I will look to get an Air BNB. Technology makes finding a place to stay so easy these days.


5 – Google Translate

This app is important if you are traveling to a country where English is not spoken as much as other places. I suggest having this app if you are traveling to any Asian country or Eastern Europe. I have experience living and traveling in China. My mandarin is not that strong so this app has helped me in several situations.


6 – Tinder

One of the most popular apps to meet new people is a great app to meet fellow travelers and locals. Tinder gets associated with being a hookup app which can be depending on how you use it. You can also use it to meet locals and other travelers when you are in a new place. I always find it super helpful to meet locals to ask for help and offer better recommendations.


As I said before, technology has been a great tool when you Guy Around in a brand new place. If you use it to help and make you have a better experience than you are doing the right thing. I really believe that you should look into downloading these 6 apps if you have a smartphone. I have been using some of these for years and they have helped me in my travels.

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