I have visited the “Steel City” a handful of times and always enjoy going to Pittsburgh, PA. Everyone knows it’s the state of Pennsylvania’s secondary city, but a good place to visit nonetheless. It’s about a 5-6 hour drive across the Pennsylvania Turnpike from Philadelphia, not a bad drive at all. I have a number of good friends that reside in Pittsburgh which is the main reason I visit.

One of those good friends is world renowned Comedian, Rapper and food critic, Eric “E” Cruise “Missle”. E is not shy to show his love for food and all things that come with eating. He has famously started “Food Rap Friday” where every Friday he freestyles about eating. I would highly recommend checking out his Instagram Page @everybodyknows_e. 

He is a big fan of the website and wanted to contribute by giving us his top 5 places to eat in his home city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. E left off a Pittsburgh staple in the famous Primanti Brothers sandwich. White bread, a steak patty, coleslaw, fries, tomato, and provolone cheese. This is an expert list, so please comment below any thoughts you have on the list.

5 – Rivers Casino Buffet

You can find E posted up at the Rivers Casino on any given day talking trash to gamblers or chowing down at the Casino Buffet. E sticks to his favorites here, Mac and Cheese, Steak and a “fire” dessert table.

4 – Carmi Soul Food Southside

Soul Food does the body good, no one can argue that.

3 – Salems Markey and Grille

Located in the Strip District section of the city, E went on record saying that Middle Eastern food here is “everything”. A bold statement by one of the best food critics in the United States.

2 – Fioris Pizza

I know that when I visit Pittsburgh, I always make a pit stop at Fioris for a pie and top it with cold cheese. I like to call that “Pittsburgh Style”.


1 – Delucas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for E, he frequents Delucas and recommends the Steel City breakfast. He says to get scrambled eggs, cinnamon drizzle french toast, cajun home fries, and sausage patties. I would say that’s a well balanced breakfast.


Comment below your thoughts on this list and don’t forget to check out E Cruise Missle on gram. He is coming to a comedy club near you.

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