Is Amsterdam a Guying Around paradise?

Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Dutch. My only knowledge of Dutch culture before Guying Around in Amsterdam came from the third Austin Powers movie, with Goldmember. “I don’t speak freaky deaky Dutch” – Dr Evil. All I knew was that Goldmember was Dutch, shredded a lot of skin, liked pancakes, and above all, he loved gold. So when I first landed in Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, I thought every Dutch person was going to be just like Goldmember, except maybe more mellow because Guy Greenery was legal there.

That was my previous knowledge of Amsterdam before stepping foot on Dutch soil, some people may have some other thoughts about what its like in Amsterdam. People associate Amsterdam with one of the places where consuming Guy Greenery is completely legal which is true. People also associate Amsterdam with their famous red light district where finding a nice person that legally works there to have some adult exercise with. Notice I said person as you can find males, females, transgenders, whatever you are looking for there.  People can Guy Around however they please.

The first night arriving in Amsterdam for a weekend trip, I had to first visit one of their famous coffee shops. They are everywhere in Amsterdam and completely legal. That first night I just explored the different streets, cafes, bars, and coffee shops. I took a stroll through the red light district as well.  If the windows have red lights around them, then the person in the window is what they seem to be. A girl or a guy. If there is a blue light around the window, then the person is transgender in the window. Just a tip that was passed on to me if you ever want to explore that part of Amsterdam. I know a lot of people also tend to see live sex shows in Amsterdam, I did not do that, but know that could be an interesting experience for some people.

After having an early start to the following day, I visited several cafes in the different streets of Amsterdam. I love the cafe culture there, very relaxing, no one is in a rush and you can sit all day. You can sip of some coffee or have a Heineken, famous Dutch beer. Pancakes are always on the menu as well, just like Goldmember says, “have a smoke and a pancake”. Be mindful of the thousands of bikes throughout the city, lanky Dutch people can be pretty crazy riding those bikes. Especially if you are leaving a coffee shop in broad day light (wink). You always want to be alert, aware, and have your head on a swivel.

There are plenty of things to do during the day in Amsterdam that don’t involve coffee shops and the red light district. I would suggest you sign up for a canal boat tour to see more of the city and learn about some Dutch history. The city itself is stunning and traveling by boat through the canals is a great way to see the city. In my two trips to Amsterdam, I never made it to see the famous Anne Frank’s house because you need to book tickets weeks or sometimes months in advance. Yes, months in advance. The line to enter was always all the way down the street. Taking a walk through the Van Gough Museum is worth your time if you like aesthetically pleasing art. There is also a giant field in front of the Van Gough Museum to relax if its a nice sunny day. So there is plenty to do during the day, different things to see and learn as well as different ways to cure your hangover.

So not only is Amsterdam known for its night time experiences, there is also a lot of things to see and do during the day as well. It honestly depends on who you ask if they think that Amsterdam is a Guying Around paradise? It depends on how you define Guying Around, so everyone has different answers. I would highly recommend you Guy Around and check out this amazing city to see for yourself sometime.

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