I can smell it now. The smell of fresh cut grass in the morning always makes me think of football season. The boys of fall. Two a days. Friday night lights. The Philadelphia Eagles Superbowl 52 Champions. These are the phrases that get you excited for the fall. American Football is really only played in the states and America Jr (Canada), with a few leagues popping up in Europe recently. Football is a big part of American culture and today I want to tell you the top 5 reasons why it is so amazing. I am going to talk about the NFL, NCAA and high school in this post.



It doesn’t matter what sport you follow or play, every single one has rivalries between certain teams. American football is no different. In the NFL most divisions have intense rivalries between teams. Some of the more famous ones are the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys, as well as the New England Patriots and everyone else in the league. In NCAA Football schools that are close in proximity or in the same conference are rivals, like Alabama and Auburn. High school is very similar, proximity plays a big part in High School football rivalries. I would suggest going to see a rivalry game, they can get pretty intense.



Obviously the winning team scores more points than the other team but football certainly isn’t that easy. The sheer time of preparation for a game week to week is insane. It does not matter what level we are talking about, practice and film time each week can help you win the game against a more talented opponent. Coaching and scouting are extremely important in football, which makes the game even crazier than it already is. People do not realize how complicated teams scouting reports and preparation can get. To the average fan you know the rules of the game can also be a little confusing. Since there are 11 players on each side, a lot is happening each play.



Fantasy football is one of the more popular things to do during football season in the fall. It lets the average fan live out a dream of running their own team, making their own roster moves and having some fun with friends. You have fantasy leagues that are very hardcore, having a draft at a location away every year to having the person who comes in last place do something stupid for a laugh. The best thing about fantasy football is you only need to set your roster once a week. The worst part is investing into a few players early on and having them get hurt and not play all year. I am always middle of the road with my fantasy teams.



Tailgating is a big part of the Football culture, especially with NCAA and NFL football. High School football is a different kind of tailgating. Most people will make an entire day out of going to see a football game. Some fans will set up their tailgates hours and even the night before the game. This happens at some NCAA games, the tailgate scenes can be quite rowdy there. You can go from seeing a game up north where fans will dress casual or wear sweats to the game versus down south where fans will dress up like they’re going to a wedding. If you ever have a chance to tailgate for an Ole Miss game, you need to do that.




In Guying Around’s opinion, people watch American football for the physicality of the sport. Yes players are wearing helmets and pads, but American football is much more violent than rugby. There is no other game where you can run full speed and throw all of your weight into an opponent, basically trying to hurt them. Players are getting bigger, stronger and faster every year. I think some football players in the NFL are some of the best athletes in the world. Their combination of size, speed, coordination, strength and mental toughness are remarkable. It is really awesome to see them play this amazing game.



So if you are ever traveling in the United States in the fall, I would suggest looking at going to a football game. It does not matter the level, I think it would be a very authentic American experience. High School games are fun to see because the whole school and entire town get involved. Certain NCAA and all NFL games can be pretty pricey, so you want to expect to pay a good chunk of change for those tickets. Take in the culture and have fun Guying Around watching some football.

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