Top Balinese/Indonesian Foods

After recently visiting Bali I felt the need to do a brief write up with pictures detailing the best Balinese/Indonesian foods. I love eating and I love trying out different foods where ever I Guy Around. The thing that sticks out to me about food in Indonesia is that there are plenty of fresh vegetables, with rice and different meat. I wish I could put peanut sauce on everything, going back to eating peanut butter is tough after experiencing the famous Gado Gado. Anytime I write about food, my mouth waters.

Gado Gado

A plate of mixed vegetables, Tempe (soybean deliciousness), shrimp chips and peanut sauce to dip them in. The perfect starter to any meal.


Suckling Pig

Famous in and around Ubud, this is great for any pork lover. I literally had a plate full of different types of pig parts at the Gianyar Night Market.


Famous in southeast Asian countries, different Satays are always a good call. Chicken Satay in peanut sauce is my favorite.


Peanut Sauce

Check the video below, enough said.

[wpvideo w2H1uHVZ]

Milk jelly Dessert (Sop Buah)

Shaved Ice, Jelly, Condensed Milk, Dragon Fruit and Indonesian sweets all in a massive cup. Might not sound that good but you need to give this a try. This will no doubt give you a sugar shock.


Deep Fried Quail

This was my first time eating Quail meat. I have had Quail eggs before, but my conclusion is if you deep fry any kind of meat, it’s delicious.


Coconut Pancake

Coconut Mix in crepes? I think this was my favorite food.

Casa Luna Cooking Class

In my previous write up about Ubud that came out on Tuesday, I mentioned taking a cooking class at Casa Luna. Here is a plate of the different foods that we cooked. I highly recommend checking that out.


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