With so many great beach options in and around Bali, how do you choose the best one for you? Every beach offers something different. Relaxed atmosphere, family atmosphere, party atmosphere, anything that you’re looking for. I think that Gili Trawangan (T) Island offers a little bit of everything, even though it’s known for its party atmosphere and scuba diving.

There are three islands east of Bali that are about a two hour fast boat ride away. Do not expect the boat ride from Padang Bai to be organized or on time. Be careful when booking your boat ride, I would suggest haggling and trying to drop the price. Just like every other tourist hot spot, there are guys there trying to hustle you. Yes, they’re friendly and work super hard, but do not get ripped off. Also be conscious booking s return open ticket and shuttle bus to your next destination. The shuttle bus from the port returning to anywhere near the airport could take over three hours with numerous drop offs and traffic. Keep that in mind.

Gili T is the biggest of the three and with that being said, you can ride a bike around the entire island in under two hours. There are no cars or motorbikes on the island. People get around by walking, riding a bike or using a horse cart as a taxi. Having a bike is a necessity and there are tons of places to rent a bike for your stay on Gili T.


I would suggest staying away from the main strip of hotels, hostels, restaurants, and bars near the harbor. Everything on the island is so close so staying in the middle of the island is quieter and a lot nicer. You should stay at Golden Villa. It’s beautiful, fairly priced and each villa comes with bikes to use. Make sure you ask for a bike lock before taking off.

Today I want to give you some good restaurant and activity recommendations on Gili T. There are plenty of things to do on this paradise island, check out my recommendations if you ever Guy Around there.




Pituq Wareong

I am not a vegan but do enjoy some great vegan food from time to time. My ex GF used to take me to these types of restaurants so I do appreciate some good vegan food. This vegan restaurant is located right down from the Golden Villa, I went once for dinner and once for breakfast.

Tiki Grove

There are a lot of so so restaurants on the beachfront, but another great restaurant on the island is Tiki Grove. It’s a Mexican place with some amazing Jerk Fish Tacos. Fresh fish caught that day off the island and the best Mai Thais I’ve ever had.

Warung Sasak

This restaurant had some of the best local Indonesian food. It’s a 5 minute walk from the harbor off the main strip. There are not many choices, but it’s a great, cheap local place.

Night Market

Every night by the harbor is a night market selling all different types of Indonesian foods. I would suggest heading there one night and getting some fresh fish. I’m not a big fish person, but this market changed me.



Scuba Dive

If you have any interest in diving or are a certified diver than Gili T is an excellent place to visit. There are a handful of dive shops everywhere you look but I suggest Mango dive shop. I am a certified diver and completed a few dives here. The dives are fairly priced and the dive masters are extremely helpful. Be aware of the very strong currents when going out, start diving shallow and work your way up.

Watch the Sunset

See the sunset from Sunset beach on the western side of the island. At around 5 pm people start gathering on sunset beach to see one of the prettiest sunsets I’ve ever seen. Get there early and bring a camera.


Star Gaze

I live in a big city and have lived in big cities or close to big cities my entire life. Being on this island on a clear night you can see a sky full of stars. There’s something about seeing a sky full of stars that just makes you happy. Grab a lounge chair and just look up at the sky for a night.

Beach Bum

The day time is great for relaxing on the beach and getting some sun. The island is so small, so getting to a beach on either side of the island is very easy. The weather here is damn near perfect every single day.

Sunset Beach Bar

If you want to know why I listed this bar as one of my things to do, please message me privately. I will give you all the details.


Gili T is an amazing place to recharge, relax and enjoy yourself. I love island life and would love to return someday. Guying Around on Gili T is a must if you’re ever visiting Bali.

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