Guyde to Mainland Greece

I Guyed Around Greece during the last week of May and only stayed on the mainland. When people visit Greece, they often visit one of the many great islands. I will make plans to return to Greece one day to visit the islands, but today’s post is all about the best things to do on the mainland away from Athens. A few weeks ago I had two posts about Athens and the best Greek Foods. You can check those out as well. These suggestions are in no particular order, contact me if you have any more questions.


Visit Corinth

A two hour bus ride west of Athens lies Corinth, which connects Mainland Greece to Peloponnese. Corinth is filled with history and is worth a day trip from Athens. I would suggest getting there as early as possible and taking a bus up to the Acrocorinth. The Acropolis of Corinth lies in on a mountain top that gives you great views of Corinth. Bring your hiking shoes because you will need to do some hiking for spectacular views. It is also pretty steep, so it will be a great leg workout for you. If you go in the springtime, prepare for great weather and amazing views.

I would also suggest taking a boat ride up and down the Corinth Canal. A man made structure that was built in the late 1800s is very impressive. When I visited I couldn’t stop wondering how they actually built this canal. The amount of manpower, supplies, engineering is incredible. Corinth is worth a visit from Athens.


Visit Cape Sounion

A two hour bus ride south of Athens is the coastal town of Cape Sounion. Pebble beaches, amazing olive oil, and turquoise water, similar to the rest of the Greek coastline. The reason you need to visit this town is to see the Temple of Poseidon. Perched on a hilltop overlooking the sea, it’s very fitting that this is Poseidon’s temple. The views and history of this area make it worth a visit. Who knows, you may see Poseidon in the sea.


Visit Meteora

A 5 hour bus ride north of Athens or a 4 hour train (I’d go on a bus) is Kalampaka, Greece. What makes this town so special is Meteora, a series of monasteries among the mountain tops. The mountains look like they’re made of plastic. It’s a peaceful area as you can admire the building of the monasteries. It’s quite impressive to see how they’re built on the mountains. This is a minimum 2 day trip if you’re based in Athens. I think it’s worth a visit if you’re heading north from Athens, a great place to stop.



A one hour tram ride from Athens city center lies Glyfada. On the map, it looks like another beach town outside of Athens which is true. I suggest you visit here if you like to do community service. There’s a sea turtle rescue center you can volunteer and learn about. Seeing how some of the turtles come into the rescue center will hopefully open your eyes. It may make you change some of your habits that can harm and kill seas animals. We all need to do a better job taking care of wildlife.


So when you plan your next European vacation, you can look to Greece for amazing history, sites, and food. Greece is not just the amazing islands, you should spend some time on the mainland. There’s so much to see and learn, these are some of my suggestions that I visited last time I Guyed Around in Greece.

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