Guying Around in Blighty, NSW

When you think of an Australian farm what comes to your mind? Kangaroos running wild? Crocodile Dundee telling people “that’s not a knife”? Ben Simmons bricking 10 foot jump shots for the Sixers? A bunch of Aussie bloke farmers slamming shoeies after a day out on the farm?

I had the opportunity to spend some quality time on an Australian farm in Blighty, New South Wales where the population is 54. Out of the questions above, I only encountered Roo’s running wild. Unfortunately, Crocodile Dundee isn’t a real person and Ben Simmons still can’t shoot.


I’ve written about this before and I will continue to write about it. When you Guy Around all over the world, you meet and encounter different amazing people. That might be the best part about Guying Around. What’s even better is when you have the opportunity to visit them in their home countries for a much more authentic experience. I was in Blighty visiting an old Aussie University friend and her family over the holidays in December 2018. It was years since I last saw her and now she has a husband and a son. Their son projects to be about 6’11” with a diverse skillset around the basket. The next Andrew Bogut?

After arriving in Melbourne, my friend’s saint of a mother (go Julie!) drove me about halfway to the farm. I know that I am on record of saying that Australians are some of the best people in the world. I have only had incredible experiences with them even though my post last week might not paint that picture. My friend met us halfway, driving by a whole lot of nothing along the way. Very flat, dusty, hot farmland. In Australia they have opposite seasons, so this was December which was their summer. Temperatures can get to high 30 low 40 degrees Celsius in New South Wales around Christmas time. That’s well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, 85 percent of Australians live within 50 km of the coast. The farm was about a 4 hour and change ride from Melbourne, so not many people where we were.


When I first arrived on the farm my first questions were, where is the nearest store? How close is your nearest neighbor? Why is it so flat? Where are all the kangaroos? I knew that these next few days on the farm were going to be very educational for me. I was coming from a massive city of 14 million in China, talk about opposite worlds. My friend’s husband knew that I really wanted to see kangaroos in the wild, eat some kangaroo, see the farm and see the Alpacas they have on the farm. The kangaroo wishes were high on my Australian bucket list.


Where I was living in China it was always go go go, such a big city that never really slept. I did everything through my phone, through WeChat. I would pay bills, order food, get transportation, anything and everything you could think of. Convenience right at your fingertips, which is nice but changing that up from time to time is also good. When I came out to Blighty, it was such a nice change of pace. The nearest store and restaurant were anywhere from 30-45 minutes away. I could relax in a quiet place, see the stars, appreciate the sun rising and setting. It’s pretty tough to beat a grilled kangaroo steak on a peaceful farm in the cusps of the Australian outback with the sun setting.


These types of experiences are what makes traveling and seeing the world really amazing. Experiencing something totally different than what you’re used to with people that are equally amazing. Where else in the world would I be able to fulfill a bucket list item like chasing a kangaroo in Australia?


[wpvideo I4wURzV2]


There is no doubt that I got a nice Australian education that week on the farm. I learned a lot about Australian movies and TV. I also learned a lot about how other people like to live. Would I go back to Blighty? Absolutely. Do most Australians even know where Blighty is? Absolutely not. When you visit a new country, do your best to get out of the tourist spots and try to see how the locals actually live. If you are lucky enough to have an incredible experience like I did in Blighty, you should always pull the trigger.

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