Top 5 Things to do in Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece is one of the top destinations to visit in Europe and today I want to give you 5 reasons for that. Ancient Greece is credited for starting western civilization and democracy, so there’s a ton of history in and around the city. I would suggest spending at least two days in Athens and then moving on to different sites on mainland Greece or checking out some of the amazing Greek islands. Be on the lookout for future posts on Greek food and other sites to see on mainland Greece.


Take a lap in the Panathenaic Stadium

Make sure you stretch before you hit the track. This stadium was where the opening and closing of the first modern Olympics took place. That year was 1896 for you historians out there. This was also used in the 2004 Athens Olympic games.



Hang out at Yiasemi on the famous steps in Plaka

Join the crowds of local Athenians and tourists for a refreshing drink and some olives on these famous steps. When the weather is nice (most of the time), you can’t beat a nice summer night here. Alpha beer is the beer of Greece, similar to most light lagers. You could also opt for a local craft beer from Kykao, I would recommend the Dry Saison.



Visit the Temple of Zeus Statue 

When you look up this site on the map and go visit you will notice something here. When you go check this out, comment below what you might or might not see. There’s a special catch here.



Changing of the Guard 

Not as extravagant as Buckingham Palace, but definitely worth seeing. Check out the guard’s outfits, why do they have the shoes with the big puffs on them? Why do all of the guards have mustaches? Maybe something lies inside of those puffs. If you go on Sundays at 11 am, the guards change with a parading band which is a site to see. Just like anything else, make sure you arrive early for a good spot.


Visit the famous Acropolis 

Perhaps the most touristy thing to do in Athens, but it’s almost a must these days for a picture. Your Instagram feed might need it. This wasn’t the first Parthenon that I saw, I like the one in Nashville, Tennessee. There’s a roof on that one and not as much of a crowd to deal with.


Things to do in Athens that didn’t make the list…

  1. National Archeological Museum
  2. Acropolis Museum
  3. Ancient Agora
  4. Borrow a book from Hadrians Library

In a city with such a vast history, you will never run out of historical sites to see and learn about in Athens. The weather here is perfect in the spring and early summer, so notice everything I put on the list is outdoors. You have your fair share of museums and indoor activities as well. Athens is a city where you can easily walk around and there is a metro line as well as a tram that can take you around the city. Go visit and Guy Around Athens and let me know what you think!

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