Guying Around with a San Pedro Cactus

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This Testimonial was submitted by a long time fan about the day he Guyed Around with a San Pedro Cactus.  I know this stuff is not for everyone, but this is an interesting read.  I hope you enjoy.
I had an interesting experience with San Pedro cactus
My friend gave me a cutting about a year and a half ago of this psychedelic cactus. So I put it in my front yard and it took months to finally root, then it grew and it went from one foot to two with 6 months.
 So Pierre a couch surfer from Paris came and he has been on the road for over a year and has been to over 80 countries air bnb’ing his spot out to fund his life on the road (blows my mind he’s seen more of the world than 99.99999 of any human to ever live).
He’s a psycho-naught and was interested in taking a trip so I told him he could cook it up.  We brewed it down to tea and woke up before the sun the next morning and hiked into the forest in Santa Clarita.  We ingested the rancid Aloe Vera tasting sludge and walked to a cool secluded spot.  We waited an hour in anticipation then 2 and when nothing happened by then we cracked open the snacks and had a nice picnic in the forest.
When we got back to the car I told my friend who gave me the cactus about the dud of an experience and he said we didn’t know what we were doing when we were cooking it and that we should go visit the man from whence the cactus came Kenny in Joshua Tree, so we said we would called up Kenny a life long psychedelic enthusiast who asked if our intentions were pure and then told us to come out to Joshua Tree and he would help us out.
We go there late that night and met Kenny a character in a half with a cool little pad in the heart of Joshua Tree fire place blazing, he was off his rocker for sure but enthusiastic about all things plant medicine.  He was wild eyed and couldn’t stay on one conversation topic for more than a few seconds, he bounced around from one subject to the next all loosely connected to tripping, explaining how San Pedro is a introspective and  solo type journey describing it as a plus 2 on the scale of 4 being tripping balls.  So we went to bed and woke up in the morning having fasted for 14 hours he gave us both a powdered dose of San Pedro that he had laying around the house.  He took out a feather and smudged the potential demons away with sage  and then drove us to the national park to go on a walk about.
An hour passes then another and by that point we again figured out it was another dud, maybe we thought drinking some of it the day before built up our immunity but we didn’t really know, so we texted Kenny and after a picnic in the desert he came and got us, apologizing for the cactus powder he gave us may have been years old and just lost its potency.  So as a consolation he he cut down some new pieces and walked us through the steps of correctly making it.  You need to cut the prickers off and then skin layer on top needs to go but what’s right under that the dark green is what has the mescalin in it so you fillet that part like a fish and let it dry.

We spent the afternoon doing this and then he sent us on our way.  Pierre left for San Fran the next day and I sat the greenery in a cardboard box to dry.  After a week it was dried to a crisp like a seaweed chip and I blended it up and I had my powder.  I woke up before then sun the next day and drove my Tahoe back to Santa Clarita to the secluded spot we had found before (see photos and vids)

Again I fasted in preparation, which I have been reading more and more about and am convinced a healthy amount of skipping food is the key to health letting the body rebuild on a cellular level instead of worrying about digesting for m morning till night.  I try to eat in a window between 11am and 6-7 pm and never eat near bed time and I feel much better on a day to day basis, learning to enjoy a little hunger feels good and there’s a natural high to it.
I added a little water and drank the alkaline sludge for the third time, rinsing my mouth with a little lemon as Kenny said would take the taste away.  Then I hiked an hour into the Forrest and set up shop near a little creek..
I had a little blanket my back pack with snacks and water and my music, I set up camp and waited. An hour passed, then another and I was starting to get disappointed again.  I started to get Really hungry so I started to eat pistachios and some oranges and then slowly but surely I started to trip.  I go the urge to move and explore and I barefoot started walking around the area with a low level feeling of ecstasy and pure amazement at my surroundings.  The beauty of nature hits you like the double rainbow guy and it brings you close to tears of joy.  Butterflies were migrating and millions of them were flying over me and I watched in amazement.
The sun started to heat up and I found that I needed to find shade, and it was so hard to do a task like pack up my bag and move it all to another section of the land and it reminded me of  what its like to move to a new home in real life.  I found another spot and was so aware of all the mess we as people make because of the convenience of all our food sources being prepackaged.
My expectations of what the sensation would be like and what tripping is like dictated how I felt during the experience and whenever I was trying to analyze what was going on it wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as sitting back and letting the feelings sweep me away, and the parallels to everyday life were so vivid.  Whenever we have expectations of what something in our life should be or is, there’s always a tainted perspective, but if you can train yourself to enjoy all things for what they are and not what you want then you truly can elevate your mind into a realm of consciousness that can’t be touched by outward stimuli. And this isn’t an easy fix to life’s problems  but just being mindful of this can bring you back to joy in whatever your circumstances are at any given moment.  It’s just something we all need to keep reminding ourselves whenever we have thought patterns that aren’t useful or helpful, we can snap out of anything that’s not serving the moment and we can always always be more grateful and appreciative of whatever is happening to us good and bad.  I want to stay in a mindset that enjoys all things in life for what they are.
Slowly I when I relaxed and let my eyes go out of focus I had little bits of LSD or mushroom like visuals, but the more I wanted my trip to be stronger the less I enjoyed it, so I went back and forth between enjoying what was happening and making myself have a less enjoyable time by hoping it would be more.  At least I became aware of this phenomenon and I’m trying to stay conscious of this key for the rest of my life.
The feeling of the cactus slowly started to fade and the sun was finally starting to go down.  I thought about how I probably have never spent an entire day by myself in nature and it was kind of weird to think about that being in a city and living in a society we are so far removed from the world in which are brains have developed to live in.  I enjoyed the experience from start to finish even though I never really was far enough away from my ego to be completely lost in the trip like I’ve felt with LSD mushrooms and even too much edibles.

[wpvideo 96iGqFnS]

It’s a unique experience I think most people can benefit from, but it definitely feels like a solo kind of thing to get the most out of it.
Hope things are moving in the direction you want them to and if they aren’t I hope your strong enough to make the changes needed to make it happen.

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