Guying Around in Ulm, Germany

Growing up in Delco the idea of “Guying Around” is drinking Natty Ice in the woods or getting blackout drunk at Barnaby’s. To an experienced guy this is child’s play. Back in the summer of 2016 I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to spend a week in Germany Guying around and another Guy week in Bulgaria.

I arrived in Ulm, Germany just in time. My host for the week, a fraternity brother who lives in Ulm, informs me that I will get to experience the best festival Germany has to offer. Yes. Better than Oktoberfest. He tries to explain it to me but the depth of what was coming my way was lost. The first night we head out to the local bar to get a degree in drinking. Basically if you can finish 8 large ass German man sodas in two hours you get a degree to put on your wall. I failed miserably. It was important to keep from he told me anyway because I was in for a treat the next day. 


When I woke up he was already at work. I laughed though because he left me a list of chores. So I did what any guy would do and grabbed two man sodas from the fridge and got to work. He left a box with the list of chores and inside I found this yellow rubber mat. “Blow Up Boat” is the first chore. So I get to work with my man chest blowing up this boat. I blow one drink. I blow again drink another. Takes about an hour and a half but I’ve got the boat as far as human lungs can get it and I have a great buzz going. Then I get a text. Meet me at the gas station in a half hour with the boat. I load up and I get my swimming attire on. I start lugging this 3 person inflatable boat and a half a case of beer through the streets of Germany. To my surprise, I’m nowhere near the only one. Thousands of people are making the same trek as me. It takes me some time but I get to the spot. We throw some quarters in the air machine and get this boat inflated the rest of the way. Takes seconds. We slide down the side towards the embarkment point of Nabada. There are thousands of people on the shores of the Danube River cheering on the thousands in the water floating, water fighting and drinking. 


I’ve never seen anything like this. We get into the boat and I realize my buddy brought water guns and a bucket filled with water balloons. The war is on. I go to town just hammering bros with water balloons. He’s doing the same. They’re doing the same. Everyone everywhere is engaged in the largest naval battle that has ever been on a river. Then I see the craziest thing ever. VIKINGS. BIG BEHEMOTHS OF GUYS doing keg stands and chugging cases all from a hand carved Viking ship. This thing whizzes by us. We’re floating. They’re boating man. Never have I ever seen such an impressive display of guying around. The journey takes about 4 hours and by the end, you’re spent. I’m thinking we go back and go to bed. NAH NAH NAH IM WRONG. Nabada doesn’t end there. The largest German street festival outside Oktoberfest starts immediately on the streets of Ulm and New Ulm. Vendors selling beer and mixed drinks everywhere. The night honestly was a whir. Food everywhere. Wiener Snitzel out the wazoo. A perfect Guying Around event. Only one warning. Be prepared for the Germans to get rowdy. They will start street brawls. They will smash beer glasses over their heads. These guys know how to guy around. Full bore guys. 


I highly advise any guys looking for a perfect guy destination to check out Ulm for Nabada. Greatest summer guying around event in Germany. 

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