You can never Guy Around on an empty stomach, you need to be well fed when you travel. Eating new foods is one of the best things about traveling. I know that sometimes I choose where I want to go based off of the different foods I can try. Today’s post I want to tell you about Guying Around’s Top 5 Greek foods. Greece is not short of amazing foods which are famous throughout the world. Greek people are everywhere and in most places you can find these foods.



Do I take diced olives out of salads and plates of pasta? Yes, I do. Would I sit down at a cafe in Greece and order a bowl of olives and eat the entire bowl? Yes, I would. At least once a day I would eat a bowl of Greek olives when visiting. There’s something so delicious about the olives in Greece. I could use a bowl right now.



Lamb Souvlaki

Why didn’t I just put Souvlaki down as a top food? You can also have pork, chicken, and beef but what makes lamb so special? Speaking from an Americans viewpoint, lamb is not a big thing in the American diet. Any chance I can eat delicious chunks of lamb seasoned with Greek spices I will always take it.




Moussaka is a dish that’s famous in various parts of Europe, but a little different in each region. I love the whipped potato topping and layers of awesomeness below it. I am a fan of eggplant, so that layer is one of my favorites. This is a must try when visiting Greece.



Gyro in Yogurt

Gyros are one of the more famous Greek foods, an easy sandwich or plate with different meat skewers, tomato, onion, tzatziki and pita bread. Who doesn’t love pita bread? Imagine having all of this on a plate topped with famous Greek yogurt? You get the best of both worlds. You might be reading this thinking it doesn’t sound right. When has Guying Around ever steered you wrong?



Feta Cheese

I’m a big fan of all types of cheese but feta cheese is so versatile. Greeks love using it in salads, as appetizers or parts of main courses. I think when you drizzle some world famous Greek olive oil on the feta cheese somehow makes it better.



Seafood is not one of my favorites, so I kept it off the top 5 list. I know different fish dishes are pretty tasty. Greece has a big coastline and hundreds of islands, so seafood is pretty popular. I did not get a chance to try the grilled octopus, but there’s no doubt that I will return to Greece at some point. Greece is on my “return to” list and the food is one of the biggest reasons why.

What is your favorite Greek food? Do you agree or disagree with my list? Comment below and tell me what you like.

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