In today’s post I have a special guest post written by a big time fan of Guying Around. I was approached by local Filipino Mark Adrian Balderosa, an aspiring writer, who writes about the top 5 reasons to visit his home country. I have visited the Philippines before and can vouch for these reasons. Check it out and if you want Mark to contribute again, comment below or to any of my social media pages.

With all the good things you’ve heard anywhere about the Philippines, what’s stopping you to come and visit this country? Perhaps you need a little persuasion? But no, nobody needs persuading to visit a tropical country like the Philippines with over 7,000 different islands to choose from. There is less to worry about even if you came from a western country, as most Filipinos speak perfect English.

Philippines is where the east meets the west. Its long history with colonization left a massive influence wherever you go in the country. Here are five reasons for you to come check out my home country. Let me know what you think.

1 – The People

“The Philippines and its people are the real gem of Asia.” Filipinos are “the most lovable people” as my foreign friends describe. Filipinos are extremely hospitable and we always wear a smile for everyone. Filipinos speaks English which is a relief for the foreigners that come to visit.

The friendliness we have as Filipinos will add you ease while traveling along the islands. Filipino hospitality is shared to everyone we openly welcome anyone to become part of us. It is written in our DNA and all thanks to the ancient subsequent colonies of Spain and United States having foreigners around doesn’t comes hard for us to adjust.

2 – The Islands

It is an archipelago made up of around 7,641 islands. It has the seventh highest number of islands in the world. So if island-hopping attracts you, this is the right destination for you.

Boracay, Bohol, and Palawan are among the popular islands that most tourists would love to go. Along the coastlines of turquoise waters on some parts of the Philippine islands there edging can be one of the five different colors of the sand: some black, brown, pink, white,and even pebble beaches. The diverse marine life in the depth of the waters are relatively mysterious, you can explore it on your own but only if you say “yes” to adventures.

3 – The Food

The only country around the world whose stomach wasn’t reigned by America’s famous fast food chain but by its own version of McDonald’s, Jollibee. Filipino food or ‘native’ food shares a little likeness to Indonesia’s nasi padang in which it is laid out on view (it would often taste a lot better if you eat it while it is still hot). Some popular dishes include: adobo, arroz caldo, balut, crispy pata, lumpia, menudo, pinangat and many more. Other foreign foods such as Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Italian and French food are widely available in many restaurants.

4 – The Price

Some things seem cheap but the Philippines offers you everything in an amazingly cheap price and beer is a good example. You can buy a rum for less than two dollars, imagine that. You do not have to dig deeper into your pocket. Flights are cheap. Food is cheap. Everything here is remarkably cheap compared to your home country.

5 – Not Just All Islands

Well, aside from a massive number of islands we have, the Philippines is also a home to different world class attractions. If you are looking for a place to unwind or have been wanting to reconnect yourself with nature and escape from the city, this is where should you go.

You may want to see the smallest volcano above ground, a hundred islands, the underground rivers, chocolate hills, find the stairway to heaven through Bananue rice terraces and a whole lot more to explore.

The Philippines, just like any other country in the world, is not as perfect as we want this to be. As Filipinos we are proud of these five reasons that mirror our identity. I suggest you start packing your things, catch the earliest flight here and experience the love in this country. So hurry, book yourself a flight now because the words “Mabuhay! Welcome to the Philippines,” is waiting for you.


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