Guying Around’s Guyde to MDW in Sea Isle City

I am pleased to present to you a post from a longtime reader, first time guest poster. He is an expert in Guying Around “down the shore” and always likes to have a good time. A rare LaSalle “double dipper” (high school and college), Mr. Sir Weirdness. Comment below any other thoughts or comments about your experiences “down the shore”.

When it comes to the recreational activity of Guying Around, there is no set season when it occurs; it’s an activity that takes place all year long. There is no time, place, or location where guying around has restrictions. Although there is no set season for Guying Around, no season is known to wo/man gives one the vibe to Guy Around more than the season of summer. To most, the unofficial start of this glorious season is Memorial Day weekend (MDW) and if you’re a Philadelphian or from the greater Philadelphia region, that unofficial summer kick-off weekend is spent “down the shore”

To clarify, “down the shore” is a reference to the south Jersey beaches where many travel for a fun and relaxing Memorial Day weekend. Those south Jersey beaches or “shore points” could be locations such as Wildwood, (Crest, North, etc.) Avalon, Ocean City, Stone Harbor or many more. However, the focus of this article will be the best shore point of them all: Sea Isle City. In my humble opinion, no shore point compares to Sea Isle. Whether you’re looking for a low-key relaxing weekend, or a high intensity party filled rager, “SIC” is the shore point with the versatility to provide you with whatever it is you’re looking for. The intention of this article is to provide you with a “Guyde” to an ideal Memorial Day weekend down the shore in SIC to kick off the unofficial start of summer. Kick back, relax, read, remember, and screenshot the below seasoned veteran Guyde to an ideal and successful Memorial Day weekend of Guying Around in SIC.


Please note:

*Assumption is you are off from work and/or school on Memorial Day*

Friday Afternoon/Evening:

This is the main time frame where large volumes of people are arriving on the island to celebrate the holiday weekend. Ideally, you pick up some Guy Sodas, wine, or liquor (or all three) on your way to SIC. Depending on where you’re staying and who you’re staying with, you may find yourself picking up some pizzas, snacks for the weekend, or any additional essentials; especially if you’re a guest at a house for the weekend. Uncle Oogie’s at the 63rd Street shopping center is a great choice for some quality pizza. Friday night is the perfect time to relax and catch up with friends and family at the house, as well as un-wind from a long week. This could be done inside around the kitchen table, outside on the deck or in my personal favorite location: a two-car garage turned into a custom Guying-Around cave.


The Saturday of Memorial Day weekend is a wild card type of day. This means your preferences and plans for that day can vary. The ideal Saturday consists of beach, happy hour, and drinks/games back at the house. Going out to the bars after drinks at the house is always a game-time decision. You’ll want to start off that Saturday by waking up before 12 to get a nice breakfast in before the festivities start. Being on the beach before 1 is recommended in order to keep to a good schedule. From there, it’s sun, fun, guy sodas, and good tunes. *Please refer to this earlier blog post by DJ Cuff Your Chick for solid tunes in these situations.* Beach games are crucial to a good time. Spike-ball and kan-jam are some crowd favorites but having a Waboba to throw around could make or break your beach trip. Happy hour can take place at the bars (Ocean Drive, Carousel, LaCosta) at home, or continue right on the beach. If you choose the bar route for happy hour, then it’s a good move to stay out into the night at that point. If you choose the house/beach happy hour route, it never hurts to start with a pre-game then head out to any of the previously mentioned bars. Shenanigans and The Dead Dog are also crowd favorites for a Saturday night in SIC.


Sunday is game day. The Sunday before Memorial Day down the shore truly defines the concept of Guying Around. Start your morning with a nice breakfast at Rick’s Breakfast House, or Sunset Pier. McGowan’s at 39th and Landis is also a great sandwich and deli spot for one of the best breakfast sandwiches you’ll ever have. Afterward, get to the beach for another day of sun, fun, guy sodas and good tunes. I strongly suggest heading out for happy hour no later than 4:00, specifically for a Jersey Devil or a “302” at Henri’s. Both of these options are a type of slushy drink containing high amounts of alcohol. The 302 received its name because it contains two shots of Bacardi 151. For those of you reading this to yourself saying “I still don’t get it?” 151 multiplied by 2 is 302. Having only one of these drinks is plenty. From there, hit the carousel for some live music and a relaxed atmosphere. After that, it’s a free for all. Your options are wherever the wind takes you. You could end up at the OD sand bar, or inside the OD for some live entertainment from the Secret Service band. The outside bar at LaCosta is always a great option to listen to the Insiders (listen to the Insiders outside!) or stay put at the Carousel/Springfield for some Juliano Brothers action. Bar hopping in SIC is easy to do as most of the bars are within walking distance of each other. That being said, bar hopping for a Sunday Funday in SIC is a Guying Around paradise. If you end up completing the full marathon of a Sunday, ending the night at The Dead Dog is a great option. Get there before 1:30 for the famous late night Coldplay napkin toss to close the night out on a great note.


By following the above script (or even loosely following) you will have found yourself successfully Guying Around in Sea Isle City for Memorial Day weekend. There is no perfect agenda that one can follow; rather the above is intended to give a rough idea of how to maximize the guying around experience. I hope you enjoyed the read and hope that all have a solid Memorial Day weekend. Thank you in advance to all those who have served and continue to serve!


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