Guying Arounds Guyde to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the largest city in Northern Thailand. It is known for having hundreds of Buddhist Temples throughout the city, you see them everywhere throughout the city. When you step foot and start Guying Around in Chiang Mai, you can immediately understand why people that have been there, always talk about it. It’s a relaxed, welcoming environment that accepts anyone and everyone. I truly believe that is Thai culture, or at least I found that through my experiences in Thailand.

I recently Guyed Around in Chiang Mai for three days, as it was my first time visiting. When you read up on Chiang Mai, it is known as a big “foodie” city with lots of authentic Thai food to choose from. As I have said many times before, you can’t Guy Around on an empty stomach. There are tons of places to eat throughout Chiang Mai, but I want to recommend one that I enjoyed. Northern Thai food is different than other parts of Thailand. If you look up the restaurant, Lemongrass, this comes highly recommended from me. You need to try the Tum Yum, Red Curry, and the spicy Papaya salad. Tell them Guying Around sent you! Also throughout Chiang Mai there are tons of fresh juice and smoothie bars all throughout the town. One in particular that I visited every day was “Hug Smoothie”. If this does not come up on your map, please look them up on Instagram @napapha_33. I would suggest you support her and check out her juice stand. You won’t regret it.

Thai Curry

Chiang Mai has tons of motorbikes flying around, I regret not renting one to explore, but you can get around on foot pretty easily as well. I stayed in an Air BnB hosted by “Stay in Chiang Mai” on Huaykaew Road, a 5 minute walk into the old town. There are plenty of places to stay in the old town as well, this area had been recommended by a friend. It is also about a 5 minute walk to Nimman Road Area, where there is lots of bars and cafes to explore. Again, renting a scooter is recommended (they drive on the left side of the road), but getting around on foot is OK too.

I mentioned the hundreds of Buddhist Temples in Chiang Mai, too many to keep track of.  It seems like once you are in the old town of Chiang Mai, there is a temple on every street. I would suggest checking at least one or two out, they are definitely impressive. There are a few famous ones that I honestly do not remember or might butcher the names, so I won’t even try. Honestly wandering around just exploring them at your own pace is my suggestion. Make sure if you are a girl to cover up and wear a skirt.  Guys are not supposed to wear shorts and you should wear sleeves on your shirts. No suns out guns out when Guying Around in a Buddhist Temple.

Another big thing to do when you’re in Thailand is to catch a Muay Thai fight at the Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium. On most nights they have fights, but make sure you check the schedule before you go. They advertise for the fights all over the city, I would suggest spending a night checking out Thailand’s national sport. Be aware, the fighters come from small villages in throughout Thailand and fight to make some money. You might see some younger kids fighting there, so just be warned. It is a big part of their culture, so it is worth a night out supporting the fighters.

Muay Thai Fight

Another big reason people visit Chiang Mai is the jungle excursions, mainly out to the different Elephant Sanctuaries. There are tons to choose from, I ended up choosing Elephant Jungle Sanctuary which is the one that I recommend. It was a day long adventure to the jungle as we got to feed, bath, and play with the Elephants. The company picked up at the Air BnB and drove us about an hour and a half to the sanctuary for the day.  t was a pretty incredible experience, learning a lot about elephants and how they are treated in Thailand.  I would go back and visit that sanctuary again. Lunch was also provided and a return journey back to your accommodations. Guying Around with Elephants was a highlight of my Chiang Mai experience.

Ernie the Elephant

Guying Around in Thailand is a cool experience that people should have at least once in their lives. I have met tons of travelers that are repeated Thailand visitors, visiting over and over again. Be on the lookout for other posts and write ups about other places in Thailand that I have Guyed Around at in the past. As you can see there is plenty of things to do and see in Chiang Mai, I highly suggest Guying Around there on your next journey to Thailand!

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    1. Much slower pace, more laid back in my opinion. The northern part of Thailand is different from the beaches and the craziness of Bangkok. You should check it out for a few days next time!

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