Guying Around’s Guyde to Music: Part 2

This week on Guying Around we have a two part guest submission about the best music to listen to Guying Around. They come from DJ Cuff Your Chick aka “Northeast” Shea. Shea is a resident DJ at The Sugar Shack, one of the premier nightclubs in the greater Philadelphia area. Shea hails from Northeast Philadelphia and has always had a passion for music. He credits Will Smith and Boyz to Men as his musical inspiration as a youngster in Philadelphia. We are lucky to have him contribute to the site, enjoy!


As promised here is the second part of Guying Around’s Guyde to Top Tunes. I hope you enjoyed reading Part 1 and you did yourself a favor by adding those 10 songs to your collection. In the second part, I added some songs for a time of reflection and songs that you may never heard of until now.

Reflective Guying Around Tunes

These songs are better listened to during a time for some deep thinking, focusing on the lyrics and message. Got a long flight? Got a long run or drive? Try these out.

Oo La La – Faces

Wet SandRed Hot Chili Peppers

FriendsJ Cole

Deacon BluesSteely Dan

Fear Kendrick Lamar


Sleeper Guying Around Tunes

These songs are personal favorites of mine that you may never have heard of.  Everyone likes some new tunes to check out, so here you go.

Donʼt MovePhantogram

Never Been to SpainThree Dog Night

Call MeSt. Paul and the Broken Bones

Ainʼt No ThangOutKast

Lucky YouEminem ft Joyner Lucas

Destruction Joywave

St Dominicʼs PreviewVan Morrison

HideRainbow Kitten Surprise (an awful name I know)

GooeyGlass Animals

ModePryhme ft Logic

Hopefully these tracks will assist you during your guying around endeavors. If they do not, at least you can have a laugh at my subpar taste in music! So, whether you’re jogging down the promenade next to the California sunset, taking off from Newark to land in Reykjavik, or requesting a song from the lads on acoustic in a Galway pub, remember to set your own tone for any adventure. Please comment below on what you think of these songs. Cheers.

DJ Cuff Your Chick

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