NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) is also known as “Big Easy”. Most major cities in the states have nicknames like that and for the most part they make sense. NOLA is not any different. In my opinion the relaxed welcoming vibe of NOLA makes for a great time to Guy Around no matter when you visit the city. You have streets of Doctors, lawyers, and upper-class people next to streets of gang bangers. I always found that interesting and also another reason why I really love this city. Just like any other major city, there are some areas you do not visit, but you always need to have your head on straight when Guying Around.

The city suffered a devastating hurricane in 2005 but has since got back on its feet. When most people think of NOLA, they think of Mardi Gras which is a carnival-like celebration leading up to Fat Tuesday that usually takes place in February depending on the calendar. People think of the drinking, beads, shirtless girls, and big crowds which is all pretty true (I actually have never been to Mardi Gras but know plenty of people that have).

NOLA is much more than that, the city has a lot to offer. I have made numerous trips to the Big Easy and recommend it to travelers whenever I can. When I meet people from different parts of the world that plan on visiting the states I always tell them to cancel your Vegas plans and check out NOLA. You can skip Disney in Orlando and go to NOLA for a much better time. They always want to go to Disney in Orlando and Vegas, but I always recommend they skip those places on their first visit to the US.

NOLA actually has a ton of culture, which differs from a lot of other major cities. My favorite part of the city is the food. If you are going to Guy Around in a city like NOLA, you need to be properly fed. From Po-Boys to crawfish to duck to jambalaya to gumbo to beignets to alligator cheesecake (pictured below). If you are not sure what some of these foods are, do yourself a favor and look them up online. You will never be in NOLA and be hungry, I can guarantee that! The French and Creole influences in the city make it tasty and interesting. One restaurant that I recommend is called the Upperline, this serves mostly Creole dishes that are delicious. It’s a nice place, so if you are going to grab a bite there before Guying Around, clean yourself up a bit.


Bourbon street is one of the most famous landmarks in NOLA, the main strip of bars, clubs, and dancing ladies clubs where the ladies dance for you. I would suggest having at least one Guying Around night out on Bourbon if it’s your first visit to the city, although it is very touristy and overpriced. There are a few things you kind of need to try when visiting Bourbon. You need to stop into Pat O’Brien’s piano bar to try a Hurricane and see the Dueling Piano’s. Go ready with a suggestion for them. If you are a fan of John Taffers Bar Rescue show you need to stop into Spirits on Bourbon which is one of the bars that he “saved”. I used to watch his show whenever I had a lazy Sunday and to be honest, I have been to a few of the bars that he has “saved” and none of them are really that good. I still have yet to really see people there whenever I visit. I would suggest trying a Ressurection and taking a ride in the shot barber chair as well. Tell them I sent you. Also be aware that most of the special drinks on Bourbon street have a lot of sugar in them, so prepare for that.

I would highly suggest having a night out on another street in the French Quarter called Frenchmen Street, which is where more local NOLA residents go.  This street is filled with bars that have live music with local artists.  There are a few jazz style bars which are something a little different for most people.  I personally have never had a bad or disappointing night on Frenchmen Street.

NOLA is a Guying Around favorite in the US, one that does not get enough credit for being an amazing place. If you want to see a chunk of real America in the deep swampy south, check out NOLA. Be aware that if you plan to go in the late spring or summer months it will be miserably humid there. I would suggest going in the fall or early spring when the weather is beautiful. Please comment, like, and share this article to promote such an amazing city to Guy Around in.

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