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In my previous post I wrote about the soccer (football) culture and how its the best sporting event to Guy Around at in the United British Kingdom (UBK). I was lucky enough to experience a number of different games in different stadiums. During my time in the UBK I had the pleasure of meeting a soccer icon who also hailed from the United States. We met through mutual friends, he also enjoyed basketball, the Ninja Turtles, hoagies, and Guying Around. You may have heard of him if you are a soccer fan in England. His name…Mackie Jackson.

Mackie moved to the UBK when he was a young teenager because of his Dad Bernard’s job. Prior to the move he knew nothing about soccer in the UBK. Mackie credits his Mom, Nancy Jackson for pushing him to join his local soccer club, the Thorpe Thunder to make some friends. Any major move as a young teenager is tough, which Mackie acknowledges. That was Mackie’s first time around the game and he immediately fell in love. He is an encyclopedia when it comes to knowing and understanding the game of soccer, especially in the UBK.

When you first meet Mackie, you can tell that he is a witty guy. He is the first one to crack a joke to put a smile on your face. A few years back Mackie started posting videos of chants for different soccer players and clubs across the UBK. When I first caught wind of these videos I had no idea what they were really about since my knowledge of soccer in the UBK was nonexistent. These chants and songs always stuck with me though, they were extremely catchy. I would find myself singing these songs in the shower, in the gym, or just doing everyday tasks. He started to gain popularity with these videos on different facebook groups. It reached the point where fans would regularly contact Mackie for him to make chants about their favorite team or player. This was only after a few weeks of him making these posts, Mackie started to gain a following.


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Mackie reached out to me to go with him on a tour of Arsenal’s pitch, stadium, and locker rooms. I knew that Arsenal was the equivalent to the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox so I couldn’t pass this up. On the tour, we ran into some people who recognized him as “that American bloke doing the chants on the internet”. At that point I knew Mackie was on to something. When we got to the visiting team’s locker room, there were jerseys of every team in the English Premier League hanging up in the lockers.  Mackie handed me his phone and told me to start filming. Without rehearsing anything we went around the locker room and Mackie described every single team through the eyes of an American fan. At the time I thought it was pretty funny but didn’t think much of it. After the tour Mackie posted the video online and that’s when things really changed for him.


That video went viral and “The American Soccer Fan” was born. Lad Bible, which is the UBK’s version of Bro Bible picked it up and it had millions of views, thousands of comments and people across the UBK wanting more Mackie Jackson. There were some very positive comments and reactions as well as death threats and people trying to call Mackie out for not being an American.  I have seen his USA passport.  Mackie Jackson is a bloody yank!

I Guyed Around with Mackie several Saturday’s after that to different pitches across the UBK. It was a great way to Guy Around, see different parts of the UBK and appreciate the soccer culture of England. I can’t thank Mackie enough for bringing me along as a fellow American and teaching me about this amazing culture. It is genuinely different then any American sport and I suggest if you are ever traveling in the UBK, you need to see a game.  Not just at the big stadiums with the big clubs, but any level of soccer. It is truly a cool experience and one I suggest Guying Around at.

For those of you that want to reach Mackie you can add him on Facebook at “Mackie Jackson” and also like and follow his page at “The American Soccer Fan”. He will respond to your questions and comments. Mackie embodies the Guying Around spirit, so make sure you show him some support. Get out there and go Guy Around today!







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