Guying Around with an NFL Legends Ex

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This post was submitted by one of Guying Around’s first fans so I think it needs to be the first Guy Testimonial post. He was nervous about submitting this story, but I think you will like it. We worked together editing the post to make it Guying Around friendly, for readers of all ages. Enjoy!


In the spring of 2016, myself and my former roommates from college all planned a weekend of Guying Around in Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is also known as the Music City, where it seems everywhere you look, there’s live music or a bachelorette party. Its a perfect place to Guy Around for a weekend with your boys. We were all traveling from different parts of the east coast to meet in Nashville on a Friday morning for a three day weekend there.

Three guys were coming from Pittsburgh, they drove down half way Thursday night and arrived in Nashville on Friday around noon. We can call them “Manny, Moe and Jim” like the Pep Boys, without “Jack”. I was coming from Georgia and planned to meet them at a bar on Broadway. Broadway is the main street of bars and debauchery in Nashville. Every night of the week its a party down there, mostly made up of tourists and outsiders. When I arrived, I met my friends at this bar called Rippy’s at the top of Broadway. They had been posted up there for a solid hour or so by the time I got there. Jim was about 6 bloodies deep which set the tone for the weekend. Jim is a big “tone setter”.

Our first order of business was to continue Guying Around by competing in what we like to call our Quarterback Challenge. We always liked to talk trash on who is the best Quarterback in our college house even when none of us were ever Quarterbacks. We all have our different strengths and weaknesses under center so the QB Challenge really showcases our skills. During the QB Challenge, we have receivers run different routes and grade each other based on our throws. Accuracy, mechanics, delivery, touch, and hand size are all factors. I have been criticized for years because of my inability to throw a fade in the red zone as well as my Whopper Junior size hands (Burger King commercial reference).

We made our way to Centennial Park in downtown Nashville for the QB challenge.  Through mutual friends we had two guest QB’s join us for the challenge. Nashville’s most famous rapper Young Hot Shouldaz and lead singer of the Katawicks, Matty Wash. If you have a chance, check out their music, you won’t regret it. As they are talented musicians, they aren’t QB’s you would want under center. No dig at their QB game, scouts agreed upon this in Centennial Park that day.

Anyway, after the QB Challenge we were a bunch of hungry Guys and Nashville has plenty of food options to cater to our Guying Around needs. We checked out Edley’s BBQ for some good southern BBQ and sides. My favorite side at any southern BBQ spot is the pimento mac and cheese. Pimento cheese is the caviar of the south. Jim ordered $42 worth of food at Edley’s but left more than half of it on a parked car when we left. He was in the early running for the Guy of the day award, as he set the tone the entire day.

As we finished our QB Challenge, had some BBQ and were showered up, we were ready to hit the town. A favorite pre-going out activity between my friends is having our friend “Manny” give us a pump up speech. One of his favorites is his own rendition of the speech from the movie “300”. No doubt after all of that Guying Around that day along with Manny’s speech we were ready to really Guy Around Nashville. Since it was a lot of the crews first night in Nashville we decided to head back down to Broadway. We mapped out our own bar crawl down Broadway. After checking out the first few places, getting to know the vibe, we made the executive decision to head back to Rippy’s. Little did I know that this decision would change my life.


Upon entering Rippy’s we noticed there was a good crowd there, a little older than some of the other places on Broadway. We Guy Around so we can adapt and adjust to these types of situations. After ordering a round of Guy Sodas for the guys I noticed a few fine looking older women who were making eyes my way. I had a few cups of confidence in me so I decided to go strike up a conversation with them. To be honest, I don’t even remember my opening line, but whatever it was it got them smiling and talking. One of them had blonde hair and the other a brunette. As we got chatting I found out that the blonde was married to Kenny Chesney’s (famous country singer) personal trainer. At one point she leaned over to me and whispered her friend was single and into me. Textbook wing woman maneuver, she set it up perfectly for her friend and vanished into the night.

We can call the Brunette “Jane”. Jane and I continued chatting, just small talk until she asked where I was from. When I told her I was from the Philadelphia area she said her Ex was from there as well. I asked her what part of the city is he from and she said: “Northeast, you might have heard about him before”. I asked her if he was famous and she smiled and said, “yeah around here”. Jane told me her Ex was Tennessee Titan Legend and former all-pro Tight End Frank Wycheck, Archbishop Ryan graduate from Northeast Philly. Frank is most famous for the 2001 AFC Championship game for his part in the Music City Miracle to beat the Buffalo Bills and go to the Super Bowl. “There are no flags on the play!” I used to love playing with those Titan teams in Madden back in the day, I used to have Steve McNair (RIP) roll out to the right after a play-action fake to Eddie George and hit Frank in the red zone for TD’s all day. Their offense was unstoppable. These were the thoughts going through my head. Madden offenses.


Jane was a cool girl and we were really having a good time. We decided to hit the dance floor and this is where things got a little steamy. I could tell she was an older woman, but still could not really gauge her age. We were dancing, then smooching, then I got her number and she had to go. It all happened pretty fast. She said she wanted to see me again. I was still on cloud nine so it didn’t register to me that I would be gone in a few days. Granted I didn’t live that far away, but a 3-4 hour drive isn’t something I could do weekly.

When we returned home and debriefed from the night, the highlight was me smooching with Wychecks Ex. It’s commonplace these days to “social media” stalk someone when you meet them. That’s exactly what we did to try to find her age. When we found Jane’s Facebook we saw she had kids who looked older than us at the time. One of her sons looked like he would kill us all. Still no definite answer, we at least had an idea that she was in her mid 40’s making her about 20 years my elder.

The next day I decided to shoot her a message mid-afternoon after a good recovery brunch from a night of Guying Around. The holy trinity of a hangover cure makes you feel better.  That is water, orange juice, and a coffee. Jane responded and told me she was busy Saturday night but had some time to meet Sunday. I had to come clean to her right away and let her know that I was not a Nashville local. Jane said she knew that from my appearance and how I acted, which she liked. We agreed to meet Sunday for an early dinner before I head back home.

Saturday came and went, obviously we Guyed Around more that day. Sunday morning Manny, Moe, and Jim started their treck north but wanted all of the details from my dinner date with Jane. Reaching out to Matty Wash (lead singer of the Katawicks) he gave me a good spot to take her. Not too fancy, not too trashy, nice spot for a date. The Matty Wash Nashville App is available for download in the App store.

When I met Jane for our dinner date she was looking incredible. We kept conversation the entire night, really down to earth person. Things got a little awkward when age was brought up, she made the comment “I know I am old enough to be your mother”. I got to admit, that got me going a little bit. She revealed she was 46 and at the time I was 26, a 20-year difference for you math wizards out there. After dinner, we had a nice smooching session before I took off back home. Jane and I left it like this, if I was ever back in town I would give her a call. She was busy being a single Mom, juggling her personal life with her kid’s lives.

I understood and often wonder, what could have been? What if I was living in Nashville, would I date her? Would she date me? Would her kids who seemed older then me call me Dad? Did anyone eat the rest of Jim’s Edley’s BBQ he left on that car? Would a concussed brain dead Frank Wycheck try to find me and kill me? Would Frank actually like me, put our differences aside and treat me like a son? All of these burning questions remain unanswered, but all I know is that when you Guy Around, good things happen.

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