Guying Around Guyde to Flying Part 1: The Good

Today’s world is getting smaller and smaller. Transportation is becoming better and faster in most places in the world. Booking a flight from your smartphone and landing on the complete opposite side of the world within 24 hours is pretty common for some people today. It is easy to get from point A to point B.

Flying is the best way to travel long distances. In this post, I am going to share some of my Guying Around tips on flying, especially those long haul flights that everyone absolutely hates. I have a wide range of experience flying all sorts of different airlines all over the world. This post will focus on when things go right at the airport for me. I am taller than the average man so this post can help some of you taller and bigger guys out there.


I would say that I am one organized traveler, but for those of you that aren’t, take some extra time to get your essentials ready. I always carry a backpack as my carry on regardless if its a long flight or not. Some essentials I have before I go into the airport are gum, an empty water bottle, headphones, downloaded Netflix shows or movies, an idea of how I will get to my final destination, neck pillow (depends on flight length) and energy bars. Airport security will take away water bottles that are filled up, so go through with an empty one because every airport has water fountains to fill those empty bottles up once you’re through security. I always prefer to eat something before going to the airport because the airport food is unnecessarily expensive. I am not cheap but rather economical when I travel.


This is the most crucial part of the journey for Guys like myself. If you are a taller Guy you know the struggle of flying is real, as are bus journeys, train journeys, and long car rides. I NEVER check in online because I have developed a strategy over the years on how to upgrade your seat at Check-In. Heres how it works. I always aim to arrive at the Airport 3 hours in advance, this is when you can start checking in bags. Most flights nowadays give you one free bag to check in unless you fly those cheapo airlines that jam you up with charges when you get on board. When I arrive, I scope out the people working the Check-In desk and look for the nicest older lady worker. I have never had an experience where there isn’t one. 7.5 times out of 10, my system works with them. If that’s not possible, I usually choose the next nicest looking person or best-looking girl.  I judge that based on if they are actually smiling while talking to customers, there are some that just don’t so steer clear of them. When I approach them I walk a bit on my tippy toes and puff my chest out to look bigger. I also suggest not looking like a bum, look presentable and sometimes that means not wearing shorts. Their first question is usually “Where is your final destination today sir?” and I hit them with “The Exit Row, Business Class or First Class, whatever is easier for you (smile).” If my early scouting is correct and they’re nice with a personality, they will usually laugh and say “let me see what I can do for you”. Which in turn usually gets me an exit row seat, sometimes business class and one-time first class from London to Philadelphia (see picture above). I always pay for an economy seat and bank on my system working. 7.5 out of every 10 flights it does, which I can live with. Otherwise, I use mental strength to get through the flight.


Naturally, the whole flight experience is extremely time-consuming. People do different things to pass the time before a flight. What I like to do most of the time is to take laps by simply walking throughout the airport. Scope out the talent in the airport, get the blood flowing before sitting for hours and you never know who you might run into. Before flights I have run into friends, co-workers, and former teammates, so that’s always an excuse to catch up and burn some time. I know you’re probably thinking, well if you’re about to get on a plane to Guy Around, shouldn’t you have a few Guy Sodas (GS) preflight. The short answer is yes. No matter what kind of a trip you are about to go on, there’s nothing a few GS won’t help with. If I am flying across the Pacific Ocean for 14 hours, yeah I might have some GS to help knock me out so I can attempt to sleep. If I am flying to Amsterdam for a stag party (bachelor party), undoubtedly I might have some GS to get going. Even if I am about to fly to Paris with my girlfriend, yes GS are on the menu.


Chances are I am coming onto the plane with a bit of a buzz and a smile on my face because I got an exit row. We will go with that scenario for now. Having all of your favorite Netflix shows or movies already downloaded and ready to go is a veteran move.  I try my best to catch up on a show while in the air. If it is a long haul flight, you can usually watch movies provided by the airline. For the most part, you can find about 2 or 3 that you would want to watch. When the flight attendants come around with the drinks I always ask for water and a GS. Having another GS usually tends to get me a little sleepy. I always want to get a little bit of shut-eye on any kind of a flight. I know some people read on board, but there’s too much going on around me to concentrate on a good book or magazine. Everyone is different.

Now these are best-case scenarios when flying. Getting upgraded, having some GS before the flight, making everything on time, having nice people working at the airlines, attentive flight attendants. Does this always happen? Absolutely not. I will share the bad scenarios in a later post. Be on the lookout and remember, get out there and go Guy Around!

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  1. Mike,

    This system is ingrained in the tall man gene. I also always get the pre flight upgrade by using my TGC (tall guy charm). Cool blog btw 😎

    1. Yes sir! The TGC takes years to develop, but you and I are ahead of the game. I appreciate the support and be on the lookout for my podcast launching soon. Thank you! #GuyingAround

  2. Last time when I flew to Kilimanjaro, I got a boarding pass with me but the flight attendant told me it was a free seating flight! How cool it is 😌

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