The Best Bar To Guy Around In When Visiting Prague

Prague, Czech Republic is one of the more popular tourist destinations in Europe.  Known for its aesthetic beauty, old town charm and producing NHL talent with luscious mullets like Jaromir Jagr. Most people that Guy Around also know that Prague is an excellent place to go have some Guy Soda’s. For those of you new to the site, a Guy Soda is a beer, a staple in most travelers diets. The most famous Guy Soda to drink in the Czech is Pilsner Urquell, the pride of the Czech.

I was lucky enough to have my childhood best friend and Delco Guy (post on what that is coming soon) come to Guy Around with me on a Euro trip a few years back. Our first stop was Prague, both of us never visited before. My friends Dad worked for one of the major Guy Soda companies in the states so he actually got us a tour of Pilsner Urquell. The company his Dad works for owned the rights to Pilsner Urquell in the states. A free tour of the biggest brewery in the Czech, a Guying Around dream!

When we touched down in Prague and got to our hostel, Pilsner sent a van to pick us up and bring us out to the brewery. VIP status, the best way to Guy Around. We knew we were going to take a tour but did not know how long or what kind of tour we would get. When we arrived after an hour drive, we joined a group tour, learned how to make Pilsner and naturally sampled a few. It was a pretty nice gesture from the brewery taking us out there and giving us a tour. Whenever I can I try to support them. If you think this is the best bar to Guy Around in when visiting Prague, it seems like a pretty lame place to visit. Two guys getting a free brewery tour doesn’t seem all that interesting. Our Prague Guying Around experience had only just begun.

When the driver (it feels really cool saying that) drove us back to the city, we wanted to hit the town that night. We were two guys with lots of Guying Around experience under our belts at the time. Some would say we were in our prime of fully Guying Around. We weren’t rookies and knew that it was going to be a long night so we needed some fuel. Central and Eastern Europe are all about meat and potatoes, a great base to begin a night of Guying Around. We found a local spot, devoured some pork knuckle and roast potatoes and were set to head out. Analysts would call that a varsity move, we were not running a JV operation.

Another friend of ours suggested that we check out this bar called “The Pub”. We had other suggestions from Lonely Planet (I usually trust) and our hostel. The name seemed pretty touristy actually, not a name that would really draw you in right?  “The Pub” sounded anything but cool. We are guys so we said lets go check it out for one, it wont hurt, so we pulled it up on our maps and set out on foot.

When first entering “The Pub” we noticed it was packed at 8 o’clock on a Sunday night.  Easter Sunday night mind you. Why was this so crowded? Was there a hockey game?  Was there a famous Czech celebrity in there? Did these people here that some Guy from Delco was coming tonight?


We were lucky enough to get seated at one of the tables in the corner next to a Stag (Bachelor) party of lads from the UK. Dudes night out (Chapelle’s Show reference). I noticed that every table had a computer system on it and there was a big screen in the middle of the bar with different numbers constantly changing. The hostess who seated us explained to us that the computer screens at the tables were self-serving Guy Soda taps. She showed us that the computer screen measured the amount of total beer each person drank. We then asked her what was on the big screen and she replied that it was basically a scoreboard measuring each tables total amount of Guy Sodas drank. Every table had a number. She also said there were other locations and the scoreboard would show our locations total vs other locations total.

So to sum it up, I would be competing against my friend, we would be competing against everyone else in the bar and then everyone in the bar would come together to compete against all the other locations. You would be a part of this cycle every 30 minutes or so. A Guying Around paradise? “The Pub” is a great place for a bachelor/bachelorette party or a dudes/ladies night out. If this isn’t the best bar in Prague (or the world) to Guy Around in then I really don’t know what is. Needless to say my friend and I Guyed Around in there for a while, staying there the rest of the night. It settles any doubts of who can drink more Guy Sodas pretty fast. Who do you think had more, me or him? Comment below.

A bar like this would never fly in the USA because it basically promotes drinking as much as you can. It is more or less a competition. I don’t think you can go to “The Pub” for just one Guy Soda. That takes Jedi Mind Training.

Always remember if you’re going to Guy Around with some Guy Sodas, please play it safe.  No drinking and getting behind a wheel. Safety first is the Guying Around way.


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