Why would you Guy Around in China?

The first things that most people think about China are overpopulation, pollution, Yao Ming, the one-child policy, eating dogs and the place where everything is made.  Speaking from experience, all of these are pretty much true to a point. I have spent a good bit of time exploring this country filled with culture, history, and weird food.

China is like no other place that I have been too, one of the most unique places in the world. I have seen modern China, old China and a mix of both. I have seen megacities that are double and triple the size of major cities in the US. I have seen villages where there is no running water and shelter is scarce. The way different people live throughout this country amazes me.

The development of this country is incredible with such a massive population spread out over different types of landscapes. China is a place where technology is rapidly growing, everything is done through smartphones nowadays. WeChat has revolutionized how people communicate, buy and sell, and really live. Anytime I have taken public transportation in any city people are glued to their phones. The first time I saw WeChat pay I was so impressed, scanning QR codes phone to phone to make a transaction. People just don’t carry around cash in the cities in China, everything is done through WeChat and Alipay.

Walking down the street you will see first hand some of the cultural differences than that of any western country. Markets with open meat not being refrigerated, every piece of the animal being sold and eaten, people working from sun up to sun down, no signs of any obesity, the elderly being very active, children peeing in public trashcans, and people both old and young hocking loogie’s in the street. It seems pretty normal after the first few times you see all of these things.

My curiosity for such a different place has taken me through several of its famous provinces and cities. I am excited to share some more personal stories from my travels in this incredible country. Be on the lookout for some new blog posts on why you should explore and embrace different cultures and places like China.

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