What is Guying Around?

Guying Around is a travel resource that aims to inspire the average person to break out of the norm and explore the world around them. This website has different Travel Guydes and Testimonials written by locals, ex-pats and travelers about places people only dream about visiting. Everything about Guying Around is authentic and written from the average persons perspective. Fans can write in about your favorite place to visit, foods to eat or hometown you want to show off. I hope you join the Guying Around community and spread the word.

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What does “Guying Around” mean?

Guying Around is saying YES to a new experience, eating a new food, befriending the locals when you travel, stepping out of your comfort zone, getting stared at because you stick out of the crowd in a foreign country, sleeping on an overnight train in a third world country, saying yes to being a fake engineer in a foreign country for a marketing campaign, making friends in an airport bar with a disgruntled ex-fiance of a famous athlete, meeting travel friends all over the world in their home countries to get a true local experience, whatever it may be.  Opening your mind to the world to learn or experience something new is Guying Around.

Guying Around is missing 100 percent of the shots you don’t take. Guying Around is letting it fly every time you touch the rock (Shooters Shoot). Guying Around is buying everything that’s limited edition in the supermarket because it might never return.  Anyone that has ever lived a little, male or female, has “Guyed Around”. Guying Around has a different meaning for everyone.

“Hey (Insert Name) how was your recent trip?”

“I Guyed Around and had the time of my life!”


Is Guying Around just for Guys?

The short answer to that is NO. It’s 2019, anyone who has ever traveled and stepped out of their comfort zone embodies the Guying Around spirit. This blog will share a guy’s experiences traveling but welcomes all readers of all walks of life. See below.

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